About Us


President's Message

As I welcome new students and old students on new campus of KCMST, I shall once again pledge that this flame shall be alive till the time we inculcate our vision in the lives of our students, thus by our area of society.

As time is upgrading itself in every corner of globe, we have also upgraded our courses, their supporting diplomas, infrastructure, faculties, personnel and any or every thing that should and is promising benefit for our students.

To start with course, a bachelor's degree has been added to our social work department, postgraduate diplomas have been introduced in Fashion Technology and Interior Designing, besides, an encouraging course has been introduced for personal and professional realms of students Science of Living with Training in Non-Violence Life Style.

I hope that this academic brochure assists you to its maximum capacity and so does our college.
Dr. Gautam Kothari

CMD's Message

We welcome you to your own college, a college that thinks differently for your career and growth. While our mission definitely is to provide excellent academics to you, we have also accepted the onerous responsibility of preparing you for a bright future career.

It is very heartening to note that Indian economy is substantially vibrant and growing. Our economy is emerging as the major global destination for many multinational companies and business corporate. A healthy international financial system will definitely require skilled, fully trained and professional manpower at all levels.

Our emphasis will be more on adding professional skills and employable values to your academic degree to equip you gain employment immediately after your graduation. You can now opt for a good number of employment oriented, skill development professional diplomas and certificates from the world's largest university IGNOU, while still completing your graduation from the prestigious DAVV University. These diploma and Certificate are also empowered by Industry.

The idea is to make the best utilization of your tenure with college and build up yourself for future. We have made special opportunities available to you for your personal grooming and professional personality development. We have made available very valuable, (each one of its own kind), makeover programs like the personal makeover program, professional makeover program and the corporate makeover program. The programs will open the floodgates of prospects in corporate and professional world for you.

Our administrative program has been designed to meet aspirations of those of our students who want to get into civil services like I.A. S, I.P.S and other central services.

I want you to take the benefits of all such golden advantages provided by the college and become known as the most sought after and in demand professionals in these three years of your graduation that you will spend with us.

I wish you all a great time and a great academic learning.

Shri Suresh Kothari

Director's Message

Welcome to Kohari College of Management, Science & Technology'. Your journey through the booklet will show you the people, the place and the role Kothari College plays in your selected stream of education, and be it management, commerce, social welfare or computers. I hope our new prospectus is taken by you as a welcome change.

Kothari College is always obsessed with its single vision of the pursuit of excellence in four areas: academic excellence, professional skills, personal values and social concern. Kothari College spares no effort to make its teaching system and curriculum world class and deliver it in the most effective manner. It constantly scans the developments in business and in society and tries to proact to meet the challenges in all spheres of life. Our dedicated pedagogic faculties with their commitment to their profession and with a deep sense of service deliver the curriculum very effectively.

Kothari College tries its best to recruit the best faculty, induct them properly and help them to imbibe our Kotharian culture and values. Our faculties serve the students and society with great dedication. Their involvement in industry and other relevant social matters makes their teaching very relevant and current. Our multiple programs have been designed to offer you career opportunities in many areas of management and sections of society.

We are also dedicated and committed to serve you in the building up of your personality by way of innovative makeover programs. A special word of welcome to our Alumni, who we believe have achieved eminence, in every walk of life and in every part of the world. Like a loving mother's pride in its progeny Kothari College is keen to keep a record of what you are doing, how you are doing and what Kothari College will like to see. A special link on our website will help you to register yourself with the Kothari College Alumni. God bless you.

Mrs. Madhulika Shukla

Principal's Message

Welcome to Kothari College of Management, Science and Technology, Indore. We recognize that experience of students change enormously in physical, intellectual, social and emotional dimensions during the years of college education. The college has a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to assist students to transit productively through these years.

KCMST offer various programs and services to meet the distinctive requirements of young learners. Since college education is a time of growth and exploration, students enthusiastically participate in a wide range of exploratory classes to discover their interests and strengths.

Academically, College continues to entrench educational concept and philosophy. To this end college is preparing to introduce new courses and projects at graduate and post graduate levels in the faculties of Management studies, Social work, Journalism, NGO Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Skill promotion, Rural Development along with various constructive programs in Media & Mass Communication, Fashion Designing and distance education.

Under the umbrella of Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore, Kothari College offers numerous opportunities during the study days, after college and over the summer for students who need extra academic directives to help enrich their communication and knowledge. There are a multitude of extra-curricular offerings for students. Yoga and Life Science Management are outstanding courses for the overall development of the personality. Placement service at national and International levels are available for excellent job opportunities in various sectors of employment.

In brief the major platform of our all rounded educational philosophy remains to build up students as citizens who are responsible, caring, social and self-motivated. I hope that each student will have an enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience at Kothari College.

Dr. Abhay Gupta Agrawal